seven am;
the garbage truck beeps as it backs up
and i start my day thinking about what i’ve thrown away.
could i push rewind?
the credits traverse, signifying the end
but i missed the best part.
could we please go back to start?
forgive my indecision

„11am“, eines meiner liebsten lieder von incubus. es könnte kein besseren song geben, meine stimmung am heutigen tage zu repräsentieren. „could i push rewind?“ wohl kaum.

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  1. christine

    apropo „push rewind“ , da fällt mir ein anderes Lied ein

    Bullet for my Valentine – Curses

    The more I think the more I wish I could push stop then hit rewind,
    What I would give to have a day back then when no one really cares,
    I remember when we all used to kick back take days off school,
    So many times I’ve smiled so many times I cried but never did we try

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